Chiropractor Greenville SC

A Chiropractor Greenville SC can be the solution for a variety of problems, including joint pain and muscle stiffness. Greenville chiropractors practice a variety of techniques to address these conditions, including Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC). Both of these techniques are scientifically-based approaches to joint and mobility health. These methods help the human body move properly and achieve optimum health.

Dr. Wilson

Originally from Simpsonville, SC, Dr. Wilson received his doctorate in chiropractic at Sherman College of Chiropractic. After a minor heart attack, he decided to follow his dream of becoming a chiropractor and live a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Wilson and his wife, Joy, have one daughter, five cats, and love long walks. They enjoy spending time with family, Saturday movie night, and going on adventures.

Jeremy Wilson, DC, is a chiropractic physician in Greenville, SC. He specializes in treating various types of back pain, including neck, back, and sciatica. Additionally, he treats patients with post-surgical recovery. Dr. Wilson also accepts Medicare assignment. Patients can expect his office to bill them for no more than their Medicare deductible or coinsurance. However, there is not much information available about his payment policies, insurances, and other aspects of his practice. Please contact him directly for more information about his services.

Dr. Urban

Born in Germany, Dr. Urban attended Physical Therapy school and moved to the US in 2012. He graduated in June of 2012 from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, S.C. His Chiropractor Greenville SC primary chiropractic techniques focus on the Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson methods. In August of 2012, he joined The Joint, a chiropractic practice in Greenville SC. He enjoys the opportunity to help his patients in their journey towards better health.

Chiropractic treatment can be helpful in many health conditions, including back pain. It helps keep the spine and nervous system in proper alignment. Your spinal column protects your entire body, and it contains nerves that connect to every part of your body. When the spine is misaligned, this interferes with the function of the nerves, leading to illness and pain. It’s important to get regular chiropractic care if you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, or other issues.

Dr. Bethaney

As a doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Bethaney Allison has over 7 years of experience. She received her undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech. After graduation, she moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina, where she earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic. She started her practice in Greenville, SC, in 2013.

Chiropractic care can prevent or alleviate pain in the first place. Our daily activities put a lot of stress on our bodies. We adapt to these stresses, and pain is usually the last symptom to surface. Regular chiropractic care will improve the condition of your spine and overall health. The first step to avoiding back pain is to find a chiropractor who specializes in chiropractic. After that, you can begin to improve your lifestyle.

Dr. Dixon

If you have a back pain problem, you should see a chiropractor. At Dixon Chiropractic Clinic, you will receive chiropractic care from a professional who understands the needs of your body. He will listen to your concerns and evaluate your health history. If x-rays are needed, Dixon will explain them to you. If you have any questions, you can call the office or ask him directly. This way, you’ll be able to have the best treatment possible.

If you are experiencing pain in your back or neck, Dr. Dixon can treat you with hands-on chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatment is a safe, non-surgical alternative to other forms of medicine. It provides pain relief and can help with arthritis. Moreover, Dr. Dixon is also certified to perform DOT physicals. He also believes in teaching natural health and is committed to educating patients on its benefits.

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