Air Con Installers in Melbourne

Getting a new air conditioning unit installed is not as expensive as it seems. A small budget can get you a system that works like a champ. If you are lucky you might be able to get it installed in the garden. Alternatively, you might have to call in the experts.

A new air conditioning unit can be installed in most modern apartments, but if your building is older it is a good idea to check out the body corporate approval checklist. There are a number of things to look out for, such as if the electrical wiring is up to date. You should also look out for shady sales people and outright scams.

The cost of a new unit can range from about $300 to about $600. This includes the installation of a unit and the ducting necessary to keep it cool. In most cases, you will need to install a unit that is energy efficient in order to save on your bill. The industry standard for new units is 13 watts per square foot.

The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice your style if you choose to install a more energy efficient unit. You can choose to have a unit with a stylish fan or opt for a sleek model with air con installers melbourne no fans at all. A new air conditioner is the best way to improve your health and your living space. The most efficient units can last for up to twenty five years if properly maintained. It might even be the smartest move you make.

There are a number of air con installers in Melbourne. Among the more popular choices are Tasker and 1st Call Electrical Services. They offer a range of options, from window and wall mounted systems to whole house solutions. For those with a budget and an eye for quality, you may wish to take a look at their portfolio of products and services.

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