HiSmile Australian Review

HiSmile is one of the most popular teeth whitening products available in Australia and has been clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to three shades in just one use! Those who have used the product have reported that they are delighted with the results and have found that their teeth maintain the white shade even after repeated treatments. It’s also worth noting that unlike some whitening products which can have an adverse effect on your teeth, the HiSmile whitening kit is safe for you to use and doesn’t cause any sensitivity at all.

HiSmile has recently gone through a brand refresh and released a new formula called PAP+. The new formula is based on a peroxide-free whitening technology which was developed in partnership with a dental clinic and clinically trialled by dentists to ensure that it worked as intended and didn’t have any side effects. The whitening product itself contains a new active bleaching agent which is known as Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP) and Hydroxyapatite HiSmile Australian review which work together to “whiten the discoloured molecules inside your tooth”. There are also two desensitising ingredients, Potassium Citrate and Hydroxyapatite which help reduce pre-existing sensitivity.

The new formula is vegan-friendly and free of SLS, Alcohol, Parabens and PEG. The whitening gel is pH balanced to 5.7 and is safe to use on natural teeth and gums, it’s also hypoallergenic. The whitening kit is easy to use and comes with everything you need in order to carry out the treatment. The kit contains enough whitening gel for six applications, an LED light, a mouth tray and a shade guide to help you achieve your desired white smile. The LED light is placed over the mouth tray and switched on, a ten-minute treatment is required and once the time is up you remove the tray, spit and rinse your mouth out.

You can sign up for a subscription service that will send you gel refills on a monthly basis. This can save you money and is a great way to keep up with your whitening maintenance. You can also buy a whitening pen which has the same formula as the whitening gel and is ideal for one-minute touch-ups between treatments.

Those who are looking for a more permanent option can look into the HiSmile Day & Night toothpaste and also the Day & Night Mouthwash. Both products are designed to prevent the re-colonisation of bacterial biofilm that can cause cavities, so using these can help keep your teeth in tip-top condition for longer.

HiSmile is very popular in Australia and their whitening kit has been featured on television, in magazines and by various influencers who are paid to endorse the product. However, the product is relatively new and hasn’t been tested by large groups of people so we don’t yet know if it’s completely safe or whether there are any long-term negative side-effects. If you are considering purchasing the whitening kit we recommend reading the customer reviews on the HiSmile website.

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