How to Choose a Sports Psychologist

If you’re looking for a sports psychologist Sydney, you’re not alone. Professional athletes recognize the benefits of using a sports psychologist, and professional sports teams regularly use the services of professionals who have been around for years. To build your experience as a sports psychologist, try working with amateur or collegiate athletes and writing about it. You may even be able to earn some extra money. Here are some tips to help you choose the best sports psychologist Sydney.

Dr Lardon

Dr. Lardon is a licensed mental health professional  Sports Psychologist Sydney who specializes in sport psychology and peak performance. He has written articles and spoken as a national expert in peak performance and the use of performance-enhancing drugs. His research has focused on sports psychology, body image, nutrition, and eating disorders, and he has also worked with top athletes from a variety of sports. Whether you want to improve your performance or increase your motivation, Dr. Lardon can help you achieve your goals.

One of the best-known examples of Dr. Lardon’s work is his relationship with Olympic champion Annika Sorenstam. She has a picture of her grandfather, who won the Olympic speed skating competition twice. The idea was inspired by Dr. Lardon, who suggested that Jimmy put the picture of his grandfather in his helmet before a race. The two remained close after the 2002 Olympics, working on public relations efforts to increase awareness about depression in male athletes.

Despite the prevalence of sports-related psychiatric issues among athletes, many do not seek help from a sports psychologist. This is often due to social stigma. Sports psychologists may perceive athletes seeking treatment as weak and not mature enough. Others simply believe that they can overcome the problem on their own, without medical help. Regardless of the reason, treatment is vital for improving performance and improving the athlete’s quality of life.

Dr Blundell

There are few people who have more experience in helping athletes develop and improve their game than Dr Blundell, a sports psychologist in Sydney. He is well known internationally, with a high media profile. In fact, he has worked with 22 World champions and countless National teams. Many of his clients have become celebrities. The following are some of the reasons why Dr Blundell is one of Australia’s best known sport psychologists.

While the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) does not oppose skinfold testing, it does advocate for a testing environment that considers an athlete’s wellbeing. According to Dr Blundell, a sports psychologist in Sydney, the AFL has missed an opportunity to frame skinfold testing in a positive way. The sport psychologist also has an extensive background in the sport, having worked with athletes such as Mark Skaife, Sandy Lyle, and Danielle Woodward.

Born in Australia, Noel understands the challenges that athletes face. As a parent of two elite athletes, he knows how to relate to his clients. He uses the latest scientific research in the field to simplify complex scientific concepts for athletes. With his knowledge of the sport, Noel is able to help athletes of any level. He is an excellent keynote speaker, having lectured at major conferences and conducted workshops on sports science.

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