How to Start a Pressure Washing Company

power washing company

If you’re considering starting your own pressure washing business, there are many steps you need to take. From setting up your Business administration tasks to developing a marketing strategy, hiring a professional company is vital. Not only does hiring a professional company lower the risk of damaging surfaces, but it will also guarantee a job well done. Moreover, a professional company will also guarantee free replacement of any items that get broken during the washing process.

Business administration tasks for a pressure washing company

Running a successful pressure washing business requires some basic administration tasks. From payments to invoicing, to contracts to scheduling appointments, pressure washing power washing service businesses require a lot of paperwork. But there are ways to make these tasks easier, especially if you are starting from scratch. Scott Dawson, the owner of a successful pressure washing company, used the app Joist to keep track of his business. Other helpful applications include Jobber and Square.

As a pressure washing business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this administrative aspect. You probably want to focus on your customers and build a loyal following. So, you might decide to assign a larger budget to marketing and acquiring new customers. Or you may want to hire a marketing agency. Some marketing agencies specialize in industrial cleaning and gardening, while others specialize in pressure washing. If you’re not sure how to get customers, you can even look into hiring a construction company.

Marketing strategy for a pressure washing company

Whether you’re starting a new business or have already been in business for a while, you’ll need a marketing strategy for a pressure washing company. Marketing your company through email is one of the most effective ways to engage new customers and gain paying customers. Create an email newsletter and offer a discount to sign-ups. Use MailChimp, a free service, to send out email newsletters to targeted customers.

Social media is a fantastic way to build a following and reach local customers. Facebook’s user base is large, and many of its users own commercial and residential properties. You can promote your pressure washing services through posts on Facebook, which can be shared by existing customers. This will also allow you to generate word-of-mouth publicity. Similarly, if you’re looking to target the broader market, you can create an account on Twitter or Google+.

Cost of hiring a pressure washing company

The most important information that you give a customer when you’re hiring a pressure washing company is their estimate. You want this estimate to be easy to understand and delivered quickly. It should also reflect how much care the company takes in getting your business. To do this, consider using a contractor estimate app. These apps save you time and hassle by keeping track of the information you’ve provided. The app will calculate the cost of pressure washing a variety of materials and structures.

One of the biggest costs of hiring a pressure washing business is the vehicle and water. Pressure washers can cost several thousand dollars. While homeowners can use their own pressure washers, a professional-grade unit will be a good investment. Depending on the size of the vehicle, a new one could cost up to $30,000. Water tanks aren’t necessary for small businesses, but you’ll need to verify that it is available before accepting a job.

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