Targeted Advertising For Catering Coffee

If you’re a mobile coffee catering company, you need a targeted advertising strategy that’s not just going to get your name out there, but will attract clients. Rather than running expensive radio ads that reach an audience that may not need your services in the near future, consider marketing your business in magazines and publications that cater to event planners or those who are planning their own weddings. These types of publications have the potential to send you lots of business in addition to helping brides-to-be find great vendors for their special day.

Events such as meetings, seminars and conferences often have breaks in between topics or discussions to allow attendees or guests time to take a breather and stretch their legs. Having a coffee caterer on hand to serve specialty coffees is an excellent way to improve the overall experience and keep guests engaged during events such as this.

Smaller events like baby showers, office gatherings or birthday parties are ideal for a coffee caterer as they are usually more intimate and offer the chance for baristas to interact with each guest individually and discover their favorite drink. Offering a large variety of drinks that include both caffeinated and decaf options will ensure all attendees can find something they’ll enjoy.

Coffee catering is also an excellent option for corporate click here events where a coffee station may be served in place of an open bar or to accompany alcoholic beverages during after-hours gatherings. It’s an excellent way to boost productivity and show guests that the company is invested in their well-being and happiness.

Lastly, a mobile coffee caterer can be a valuable asset at public events such as charity fundraisers, 5K races for charity or community clean-up projects. Providing an easy-to-access caffeine source for tired runners, volunteers and community members can help them stay focused and energized throughout the duration of the event. The branding capabilities of a coffee caterer are another attractive feature for these types of events as you can have your company’s logo displayed on the cups and sleeves that are provided to each customer. This is an inexpensive and effective way to promote your brand in a highly visible way that will make your guests feel valued.

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